My name is Kylie Le Beau and I’m an adult actress and streamer. My porn career began in 2018. I started broadcasting on Chaturbate with my pornstar girlfriend, Casey Kisses which amassed at least 10,000 – 18,000 live viewers every show with our best show being 32,000 live viewers. We still actively cam on Chaturbate. You can find us on her page here or myself solo here. Casey introduced me to the world of cam. In my opinion she’s the absolute best at it and a master at her craft. Her hard work and work ethic is one of my driving forces. It’s difficult not to want to improve when I’m around her, however I’ve always been someone who was self motivated. 

I was fortunate enough to attend private school my entire life as well as a private university. I always had a passion for art and decided to leave my university in pursuit of an art degree. I never really knew what I wanted to be when I grew up… my idea would always change. I wanted to be a marine biologist, astronaut, chef… I didn’t understand why I couldn’t do it all! “Why do I have to limit myself” I thought. Regardless, whatever I was bound to be in life I wanted my life to always revolve around art. You could always find me creating some sort of project and my family nurtured my need to create. 

Another thing that fascinated me greatly was nudity. The human body. The chemistry lovers share with one another. Sex. Every book or movie that showed or told the story of passion, love, romance or lust as an adolescent I relished in. See, growing up not only was the schools I attended private but they were parochial so I was sheltered in a sense, but I knew I wanted to know more. I was curious and no restrictions or rules would stop that. I’ve always admired women who were on the covers of magazines like Playboy. I wanted to be them (and at the time had no idea I wanted to fuck them also). 

But how does one who is sheltered and seemingly judged break through the stigmas that society places on them pertaining to careers in the sex industry? Easily. Although I lived a sheltered life I still never personally put any restrictions on what I’m capable of accomplishing in life, no matter how controversial or risqué. My philosophy is similar to that of the Golden Rule, if I’m not hurting others or myself and it makes me happen I’m going to do it. After receiving my degree in Branding (Graphic Design) I worked for years in different industries: the magazine industry creating publication designs, pre-press production creating graphic and web designs and finally architecture creating 2d designs and doing social media marketing. My job at the architecture firm decided to downsize and as a result of that I lost my job. Luckily enough for me I was still able to do freelance design work from my home. In my spare time I started taking erotic photos of my feet with my DSLR and uploaded them to instagram under the alias ‘Goddess Fox.’ After gaining a decently sized following from that my mind started toying with the idea of making an anonymous Pornhub account where I would only show my naked body. All of this was a turn on to me. Exhibitionism. I created the account but it didn’t go very far due to lack of consistent content. At that point in time I hadn’t told anyone of my scandalous Pornhub account and let the idea of it die down but the thought of wanting to be naked on the internet still was in the back of my mind. 

Flash forward about a year or so and I meet my girlfriend and eventually join the adult industry. You can read more on my first experience on webcam here. If you have any questions at feel free to ask.