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“Civilians” Aren’t Safe

Before entering into the adult industry, more specifically mainstream porn, I was educated on sexual wellness in grade school. My school invited presenters from a sexual wellness company to do a week long seminar. During this seminar they stressed the importance of getting an STD test after sexual intercourse with…



This was my very first scene, and hopefully not last, for Hustler. This was one of many companies I wanted to scratch off my bucket list. My agent mentioned “lesbian” and “Hustler” and I was all in! It isn’t uncommon to find out who your scene partner is days before…

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I shot this scene for Mofos in Miami, FL in January of 2019. It was one of many scenes my agent booked for me. This scene in particular was my first GG (or girl on girl). I have an insatiable appetite for beautiful women and Kit Mercer did not disappoint….



How incredible is it I can say I’ve worked with the legendary Keiran Lee for Brazzers, and at the very beginning of my career. It was an unforgettable opportunity because I learned so much on set from Keiran’s professionalism to the crews process. Every set is uniquely different in my…

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Reality Kings

While shooting for a week in Miami, FL I was able to cross “Reality Kings” off the list of companies I wanted to work for (hopefully this won’t be the last time but due to COVID-19 who knows when the opportunity will arise to shoot for them.) I had the…

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ShopLyfter Mylf: #8845021

At the start of my (still very fresh) porn career my agent booked me to shoot for a week in Miami, FL. I shot for many companies while there, one of which was for Shoplyfter Mlyf. Now, although the scene synopsis states I’m “over the age of thirty” I’m a…

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Our First Scene Together

During quarantine we were able to self produce four 4K mainstream scenes (along with professional photographs) which were purchased by two separate companies. One of those scenes were released today and we couldn’t be more proud of ourselves. The scene is called “Spring Cleaning Part 1” As of today this…


Quarantine & Chill

It’s Tuesday, April 28th and I sit here beside my girlfriend in our house due to the current pandemic. Thankfully due to our occupations our income isn’t affected at all, in fact, we’ve surprisingly been getting more opportunities to work. Because we own a fleet of cameras the opportunity fell…


Being Attracted to Women

I discovered I was sexually attracted to women at a very young age. Due to my curious nature I would search my home’s garage and shed for anything that would pique my interest. I looked under a stack of what to me appeared to be trash and found a magazine…