I shot this scene for Mofos in Miami, FL in January of 2019. It was one of many scenes my agent booked for me. This scene in particular was my first GG (or girl on girl). I have an insatiable appetite for beautiful women and Kit Mercer did not disappoint. My only thought at the end of the scene was “that flew by too quickly.”

I couldn’t find a scene synopsis online but the premise is Kit and I are BFF’s who happen to be seeing the same man. We find out about his lying and cheating ways and collaborate together on a sex tape in spite of him. If I were in the “boyfriend’s” position I would love to receive a sex tape from two women I was having sex with so it didn’t seem like revenge in my opinion, but it’s porn after all. The plot doesn’t necessarily need to be strong.

Watch the sexy scene with Kit Mercer and I for Mofos here.