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Within the span of maybe a week my girlfriend and I dined at Water Grill twice. The address is: 3500 South Las Vegas Blvd Space #G01, Las Vegas, NV 89109. It’s located in the Forum Shops in Caesars tucked away near the entrance facing East. We’re locals willing to take the drive down to the strip so that should speak volumes. If you’re a seafood lover this is the perfect place for you. The menu includes sushi, a raw bar, chilled shellfish, salads and sandwiches, crustaceans, whole fish and meats. The atmosphere was warm, cozy and sophisticated and carried the nautical theme well without being overpowering.

View from the bar from adjacent table (left) | View from the bar (right)

Our first time visiting was right when they opened at 11:30am. Our second time was around 5pm. Even though the restaurant is located in a busy shopping center and hotel it wasn’t crowded by any means. The staff do a great job at distancing guests. By doing so it felt more intimate. The first thing that caught my eye was the extensive menu. You can view the lunch menu here and the dinner menu here. The drink menu was also quite lengthy featuring wines and draughts from all over the world and a creative cocktail list. You can view the drink menu here. For those who enjoy wine I can recommend Henri Bourgeois ‘Les Baronnes’, Sancerre, Loire Sauvignon Blanc – France 2019.

Left to right: Wild Ross Chilean Sea Bass, Complimentary Bread, Wild Pacific Swordfish, Oyster Sampler

As a tomato lover I rarely encounter heirloom tomato salad on a menu so when I saw it here I jumped at the chance to order it. The salad includes avocado, watercress and poppy seed dressing. They were such beautifully paired items! Simple yet delicious! I basically inhaled the salad. It’s now a staple appetizer for me. (How could I forget the bread!? My favorite was the sourdough).

Heirloom tomato salad (left) | Wild Ross Chilean Sea Bass (right)

I’ve ordered both the Wild Ross Chilean Sea Bass and Pan Seared Halibut (as photo’d in the main image). The better of the two, in my opinion, was the sea bass. It was so buttery and flakey! The butternut squash gnocchi was delicious! My girlfriend ordered the Wild Pacific Swordfish during our second visit but wasn’t a big fan. The taste was delicious but the fish is more on the tougher side so we both didn’t care for the texture. Everyone’s palate is different but you may like it! If you’re an oyster lover (my girlfriend is the oyster lover, not me.); there’s an assortment from coast to coast served with fresh horseradish, mignonette, cocktail sauce, and habanero-lime relish. I felt the need to mention that because most often when we dine at restaurants that have oysters they tend to not have mignonette sauce to accompany them. Fear not!

Overall Water Grill is definitely a restaurant I would recommend to any seafood lover. Although I’ve only been here a few times I can easily see Water Grill as being a go-to for us for seafood in the future. If you’ve dined here before let me know your experience below and tell me your favorite dish!